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Kleos 44mm Sword Hands

ΚΛΕΟΣ (Kléos) means “Glory” in ancient Greek, it is the second part of the name “Perikles” the legendary leader, statesman and orator of the Golden Age of Athens, which means surrounded by glory.

The watch incorporates details related to ancient Greece such as the numerals, the temple like hour markers and the Greek writing.
The stainless steel case is 44 mm in diameter excluding the onion shaped crown.
The crystal is scratchproof domed sapphire.

The dial is in white enamel and the all markings except the name “ΚΛΕΟΣ” are printed in black.
The hour markers are complemented with the Greek numerals of “A” for 1’ o clock, “Γ” for 3 o’ clock, “E” for 5 o’ clock, “Z” for 7 o’ clock, “Θ” for 9’ o clock and “IA” for 11 o’ clock.  
All numerals are in the characteristic ancient Greek style and especially the “Θ” is written in its earliest form.
The small seconds subdial at 6 o’ clock has markers which are also in the form of small temples and are complemented with the ancient Greek numerals of “I” for 10 seconds, “K” for 20 seconds, “Λ” for 30 seconds, “M” for 40 seconds, “N” for 50 seconds and “Ξ” for 60 seconds.
Over the small seconds is written “ΙΖ’ ΡΟΥΜΠΙΝΙΑ” indicating that the mechanical hand wound movement has 17 rubies.
Under the small seconds the name “ΚΛΕΟΣ” is written in characteristic blue color.

The dial is complemented with wedge shaped ancient Greek sword hands, which capture the light giving different shades of blue.
The hour hand is inspired by the Spartan short sword used in close quarters fighting, the minute hand by the hoplite long sword and the small seconds hand by the much older Mycenaean sword depicted in the works of Homer.

The back is screw down with an o-ring gasket and it has a transparent display mineral crystal window showing the beautiful movement working and keeping perfect time.
The case is water resistant up to 3 atm.
The caliber is a hand wound manual movement initially designed for pocket watches in the 1950 by legendary firm Unitas.
The specific model is the TY3620 from Sea-Gull (based on the 6498 Unitas movement) and has beautiful Geneva strips reflecting the light in astonishing ways.
The caliber runs at 21,600 beats per hour (six beats per second) powering the small seconds hand in a mesmerizing smooth circular movement.

The brand ΟΛΟΝ aims at bringing to modern horology the tradition and culture of ancient Greece.

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